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About me

I was born in Cárdenas, city of bicycles, cars and crabs ... Flat city full of stories, where the Cuban flag waved for first time ... this, among many other peculiar things, without counting, that is almost bathed by the waves of the divine sea of ​​Varadero ...

My family, of humble origin, gave me three mothers, my biological mother plus her twin sisters who could not have children, the three dedicated to sewing. They where magicians in dressing making charming modifications and important arrangements in theit work.

There was also men in my family, my father and my uncles they make the impossible possible Since I was crawling ... my life was surrounded by textile cuts and threads that always filled the floor when they worked ... colors and textures ... it was like a painter's palette scattered. I was walking on a cheerful nest where the sound of the sewing machines were integrated and everything was part of these harmonious, soft and happy hours. So I grew up and loved, since I was little, the art that is in sewing, the enormous enjoyment of having different fabrics in my hands, this material that by itself has already been transited by artists was what drove me since I was a child and showed me the path of my life.


I think that the human being as he lives is filled with "marks", "areas" at the spiritual level. Joys, sorrows, successes, failures, nostalgia, fears, in short ... the good and the bad, the sweet and the bitter, the ugly and the beautiful, everything, leaving us traces, internal holes, seams, edges, unions , knots, tears ... then, we put on patches, to restore and heal our wounds and keep living.


My work appeals to this symbolism, this way of remaking myself every day. I use fabrics and threads. Different materials that are like feelings, soft, subtle, transparent, bright and rustic. The textile is an inseparable part of the human being, it clothes and cushions it, it makes the daily life soft and warm. That is why it is always present in my work as a textile collage together with watercolors or acrylics.

I am very restless I always have an internal motor on, I do a thousand things, I like to write and illustrate . I enjoy immensely the artisan techniques, they harmonize me, they take me to the wonderful world that thresh the hands next to the thought. I do not like to gloat over sadness, I like constructive attitudes, idealized and fantasized environments to face reality and try to improve it. I always carry my daughter tight to my chest, inseparable in my life ... Amulet of my life, I also carry, my crown of crabs, my bike ride cushioned .... and the chairs from the streets, the jogging of the horses pulling the cars, my mothers seamstresses of life, the houses, the faces, the masks, the palms, the sun, the saltpeter, the sea .. There are days when I paint how I would like the life should be , other days life paint me... And depending on the color life gives me, I work .... There are days of dark reds, of light green and others, of yellows bright as a Sun.


Alejandrina Cué

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